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Using Data Science To Invest In Real Estate


Providing Higher Risk Adjusted Returns to Investors.

Reigo Investments is a technology company reshaping the real estate investment space. Focused on the senior hard money lending US market. The company employs data science to improve performance, reduce defaults, and reduce underwriting time dramatically.

Use Artificial Intelligence To Outperform Common Performance Benchmarks.

We use machine learning and new big data technologies to analyze a multitude of data sources in order to find, score and select the best loans available, providing better risk-adjusted returns to investors.


Number of data sources per loan


Number of loans analyzed:


Number of years data goes back

Number of Actual Investments Done Using The Technology.


Number of actual deals


Number of Re-paid loans


Number of actual defaults

System Advantages

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Low risk

We invest only with established lenders that pass our profound due-diligence process. Selecting loans which our algorithm indicates as very low probability to default and high chances to recover the money in case of default. Capital is invested across real estate loans secured by a first lien position and personal guarantee. Portfolio targets LTV of 70%.

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Reigo enables portfolio that is broadly diversified across 200-800 loans in 30+ states, various originators, borrowers, property types and loan amounts.

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The ability to reduce the underwriting time to a matter of seconds, by automating the investment data collection and decision making process, allows to select the best deals right by the time as they published out to the market.


Yariv Omer


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Uri Zror

Vice President of Business Development

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Itay Goren

Chief Investments Officer

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Reigo’s team is comprised of best-in-class mathematicians, engineers, and real estate professionals.

Engineering team led by

Nir Bar On.

Real estate team led by

Ben Sternberg.

Data science team led by

Guy Baruch Ph.D.


Zur Erez

Mr. Erez is the co-founder of Tenengroup Ltd, a successful global e-commerce firm. Entrepreneur and investor in several ventures, mostly International online businesses. Veteran real estate investor Holds Computer science (BCS) degree and MBA from Tel Aviv university.

Steve Ball

Mr. Ball spent 22 years at Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc., where he most recently served as head of its securitized commercial mortgage lending/mezzanine lending platform with responsibility for all aspects of the CMBS business in the U.S. Serves as Principal Executive Officer, President and Chief Investment Officer of FundCore Institutional Income Trust Inc.